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DF Youth aims to strengthen and deepen youth social justice organizing in Detroit by partnering with youth programs that focus on social justice based education and multimedia creation, who are using digital media to transform ourselves and our communities. Our mission is to build a Detroit youth network. Our Vision is to grow a youth led movement in Detroit. Network members share a commitment to authentic youth-leadership development that fosters the future creators, problem-solvers and social change-makers our city needs.
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It’s MIXTAPE MONDAY!! Todays feature is 5eHeru & the Business Program, here’s their mission: ‘Our collective purpose is to use media to confront the various issues facing youth in our Detroit community. “the BUSinESS Program”(™) focuses on 

fostering the next generation of artists through mentorship and leadership training, media skills training, and entrepreneurial development. 5e Gallery and the HERU draw upon our diverse networks of highly skilled local artists to teach media-making skills including– audio recording and record production, online and print self-publishing, digital distribution, social media, video production and streaming, graffiti mural art, poetry, screen-printing, b-boying, photography and DJing. Participants also gain a sense of positive self-identity and an opportunity to engage with their peers using creative expression to take leadership in the fight against systemic oppression in our greater Detroit community.’

Their workshop in the DFY Curriculum Mixtape is centered in 7 power principles. Check out the vid!

For more info about the Curriculum Mixtape & the 7 power principles workshop visit

We’ll be posting more 5eHeru/Business Program Media throughout the week so be on the lookout & Spread the word!